pink lortab vs blue

22. října 2011 v 5:08 | prednokoco

I LIKE TO UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING IN MY BODY!!! would like to know if pink lortab 10's are stronger than the blue, yellow or white lortab 10's..... pink lortab vs blue Pink Lortab ... made by Qualitest and its the most potent Lortab I have ever used. I have had the Blue Watson, the Mallis and Pink ... pink lortab vs blue drugs Question: Difference Between Blue Lortabs And Pink? Blue ones have less 'filler'. The pinks are 2nd best though - white and yellow suck. More of the drug vs ... pink lortab vs blue What is the difference between yellow Lortab 10mg tablets and blue Lortab 10mg tablets? ... The picture of 10mg Lortab (acetaminophen/hydrocodone) that I found was pink. pink lortab vs blue 4 Answers - Answer: Pink is Name Brand Lortab 10/500 mg. (UAD 6350) Blue is Generic Lortab ... pink lortab vs blue Lortab 10/500 Tablets, Lortab 5/500 Tablets, Lortab 2.5 ... over 30% should be treated with methylene blue by slow ... They are supplied as white with pink specks, capsule ... pink lortab vs blue The solid Lortab pink pill is a 500 mg-10 mg strength pill, the speckled Lortab is 500 mg-2.5 mg and the blue speckled Lortab is 500 mg-5 mg.ChaCha! pink lortab vs blue Best Answer: Did you get a generic? If so, they are different generic manufacturers. There should not be any difference. pink lortab vs blue Color/Shape: Pink: Capsule Shaped: Bisected Inscription: Watson 502 Orange ... *Compare to: Lortab® Color/Shape: Blue: Capsule Shaped: Bisected Inscription: Watson 540 pink lortab vs blue White with blue dots and capsule shape with ucb on one ... They are pink in appearance and capsule-shaped. There ... Lorcet Vs. Lortab. Both Lorcet and Lortab are medications ... pink lortab vs blue

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